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Who We Are

Chimney Rock Food Co. was born from being uniquely Maine. By working in harmony with the beautiful and delicious natural resources our great state has to offer, we are committed to serving you and our planet to the fullest.

All of our services are tailored to meet your specific need. From small dinner parties and delicate tasting menus to back yard lobster bakes, wedding receptions and large event catering, we cover a wide range. We even provide commercial work, such as recipe consultation and product development. For an example, please view our work with Bristol Seafood and Fair Trade USA here

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"We focus on bringing you the most comprehensive and customized service possible. While we cater to your every need, we also cater to our planet as much as we can. We think the best food and service comes from this balance. In what ever way we can serve you, rest assured we will source our food and produce from the most sustainable sources available. We work with farmers, fishmongers and food retailers who share these same values and are committed to working in harmony with the earth."

-Brett Cary, Owner