stationary boards

(25 Person Minimum)

Assorted Cheese Board ・$5 Per Head
Local and Imported Cheese, Local Honey, House Confitures and Our Own Crackers

Cured and Smoked Meat Board ・$5 Per Head
An assortment of imported, local and house cured/smoked meats, pickles, and olive oil crostini

Cured and Smoked Seafood Board ・$8 Per Head
A selection of locally caught, seasonal fish and shellfish prepared with local tradition and foreign technique. Selection depends on availability. Ex: Cured and smoked halibut, haddock and mackerel. Smoked and canned oysters, mussels and/or littlenecks in adobo. Served with garlic confit, pickled citrus zest, house pickles, and fresh baked sourdough bread

Vegetable Board (V+GF)・$4 Per Head
Assorted preparations of seasonal vegetables with home made baba ghanoush, hummus, and pickles


Greens and Veggies

$6 Per Head

Salad de Marianna
Super fresh and local baby greens, toasted almonds, seasonal berries and/or fruit, and Mary Anne’s lemon vinaigrette

Grilled Caesar・Market Price
Flash grilled Romain, crispy cucumbers, ripe tomatoes, parmesan and sourdough croutons, caesar dressing and fried anchovies. Add smoked mackerel or bluefish

Spicy Greens
A mix of local arugula, baby mustards, friseé, and other seasonally available spicy greens served with grilled peaches or seasonal fruit or berries, feta brûlée, and honey citrus vin.  

Happy Cauliflower
Slow roasted Maine cauliflower brushed with ghee, finished with whey, maple glaze, sea salt and tons of herbs. Hearty, but light. 

Tomato and Mozzarella
Maine tomatoes, fresh basil, house made mozzarella, balsamic glaze, and sea salt


Main Courses

Wood Grilled, Marinated Steak, Chicken, Seasonal Fish or Heiwa Tofu
Your choice, marinated in soy, ginger, garlic and spices, grilled and served hot. Comes with foil wrapped baked potatoes and herb butter, steamed corn, and your choice of either; Salad de Marianna, Grilled Caesar, or Spicy Greens

Really Crispy Fried Chicken, Maple Sugar and White Pine Glaze ・$20 Per Head
Cilantro, lime and cabbage slaw, dirty potato wedges and Winter Hill Farm blue cheese

Bajan Style Pan or Deep Fried White Fish・$21 Per Head
Our ode to Barbados. Citrus and spice marinated white fish, dredged, breaded and fried to flaky perfection. Served with grilled pineapple salsa, wild rice and barley, and coconut braised kale

How We BBQ・$30-$50 Per Head
Every culture has a version of barbecue, this is our Maine way. Locally sourced, farmed and fished, our seasonally prime BBQ menu reflects what our great state has to offer. Sloooowww cooked by the virtues of vacationland with Maine hardwoods in our smoker, wood oven, and/or grill. Each BBQ item comes served with 3 of the following sides, your choice: Charred kale, baked beans, corn bread, spicy greens, steamed corn, mac and cheese, or wood grilled seasonal veggies.

Whole Smoked Chickens - Cut and served on the bone, or pulled
Smoked Pulled Pork Shoulder
Smoked Pulled Beef
BBQ Brisket
Seasonally Available Fish
Heiwa Tofu
Cultivated and/or Foraged Mushrooms (depends on availability)

BoSsam・$30 Per Head / Seasonal Fish — Market Price
Korean Fusion BBQ. Spiced, slow smoked, wicked tendah pork butt lacquered with Korean BBQ sauce. This preparation comes with an abundance of accoutrements so you can make your own lettuce wrap. Comes with picked bibb lettuce leaves, picked herbs, kimchi, pickled onions and chilis, ginger scallion sauce, shaved radishes, fried shallots, steamed white rice and Korean BBQ sauce. (Naan makes an awesome side to this too!)

Family Style Taco Fiesta (50 Person Minimum) ・$20-$35 Per Head
Build your own tacos! For taco lovers, this is it. We love tacos, we love making them, and we love sharing them with everyone. Only available as a buffet service.

Smoked Chicken in Adobo
Pork Carnitas
Pan or Deep Fried Citrus Marinated Seasonal Fish
Wood Grilled Mushrooms in Adobo
Wood Grilled Lobster Tails with Chipotle Butter

Comes with toasted corn and flour tortillas, fresh guacamole, buttermilk queso fresco, grilled pineapple salsa, salsa verde, chipotle sour cream, house hot sauce, picked cilantro, pickled onions and jalapeños and shredded jack cheese.

Appetizers, Stationary or Passed

(25 Person Minimum)

Smoked Chicken and/or Pork Taquitos ・$5 Per Head
Smoked, pulled chicken and/or pork, house buttermilk cheese, chipotle-cilantro cream, pickled red onions and jalapeños, shaved chayote, salsa verde, corn tortillas (Add seasonal fish — Market Price)

Tuna Tartare with Jalapeño Sambal and Banana Chips(GF) ・Market Price

Smoked Salmon with Cucumber, Dill Creme Fraîche, and Puffed Quinoa・$7 Per Head

Fry It Up!
Sometimes everyone just needs a little fried food. We don’t take this lightly, because frying is an art form. Each item comes with a sauce of your choice. Extra sauces add $.50 per head.  

Dirty Potato Wedges ・$1.50 Per Head
Classic French Fries  $1.50 Per Head 
Super Crispy Chicken Wings, Dirty or Dripping
  $4 Per Head
Jalapeño Poppers  $3 Per Head
Truffle Ketchup, Chipotle-Lime Mayo, Korean BBQ, Honey Mustard

Raw Bar ・Priced by the two dozen — Market Price
A selection of Maines finest. We source from a long list of premier oyster growers, shellfish harvesters and fishmongers. We offer raw oysters, littleneck clams, chilled lobster tails, and Jonah crab claws. All served with cocktail sauce, house hot sauce, and lemon. If raw seafood is your thing, be sure to ask about seasonal specialty offerings.

Baked Oysters ・Priced by the two dozen — Market Price
In our eyes baked oysters aren’t a substitution for raw oysters, they are a compliment. The flavor, texture and sweetness rounds out into a sublime treat that is much more approachable for those who don’t like raw ones. These oysters are opened on site, topped with shallot and prosciutto jam that caramelizes sweet and salty as the oysters bake in our wood oven. Finished with white pine mignonette and chives.

Moules Éclade ・Market Price
This traditional method of cooking hails from Mediterranean France. Fresh mussels are laid out, then dried pine needles are piled on top and set ablaze. When it burns out, the mussels are cooked and lightly smoked. Comes with drawn spicy herb butter and lemons.

Wood Grilled 1/2 Maine Lobster Tail Skewer, Garlic-Chipotle Butter and Honey Lime Glaze(GF) ・ $10 Per Skewer

Wood Grilled Foraged or Cultivated Mushroom Skewers, Chili and Citrus XO Sauce(V+GF) ・$4 Per Skewer
Mushrooms subject to season/availability. Cultivated Maitake and Oyster Mushrooms regularly available.

Wood Grilled Local Chicken Skewers with Korean BBQ Sauce and Spiced Peanuts・$3 Per Skewer

Wood Grilled Bacon Wrapped Scallop Skewer ・$8 Per Skewer
Half a jumbo scallop wrapped with house cured and smoked bacon, grilled over wood coals and finished with pickled lemon zest.



All breads come with whipped Casco Bay Creamery Butter

Corn Bread・$3 Per Head
Plain, Jalapeño or both

Buttermilk Parker House Rolls・$3 Per Head
Roasted garlic or plain

Crunchy Sourdough・$3 Per Head

Naan・$3 Per Head